Movement for Recovery is a fast-growing network of cities and towns across the UK that are committed to seeing the recovery and renewal of our places following the Covid crisis.

Movement for Recovery London

It was great to hear from the Deputy Mayor, Debbie Weekes-Barnard and the Bishop of London at the Movement for Recovery London launch in April 2022. You can watch the videos from the launch here.

Get involved

Your church in London can join with others to play a role in the recovery mission responding to Mental Health and Wellbeing. Here are three simple ways to get involved:

  1. Take the suicide prevention training today! This is online and only takes 20 minutes. We would love to see many more Christians across the capital equipped to help people in their communities who may be in crisis. Here is the link:
  2. Listening Bench – if you are interested in having a community bench that helps combat loneliness and isolation please let us know. We are aiming to see 50 new benches across London as part of Movement for Recovery London. To register interest email
  3. Why not consider starting a Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing group? To find out more, sign up to an information session here which lasts an hour.

Can you help us spread the word?

Please share this with your friends, church and networks. Mental Health Awareness Week is coming up on 9th-15th May. To help you to share and invite others to join in the Movement for Recovery London Mental Health initiatives we have put together a short video and powerpoint presentation that you can use in your church.

Thank you for being part of Movement for Recovery London. Together we can see the Church make a positive difference in the capital.

The Coronavirus crisis is the largest public health crisis in London in living memory. The Greater London Authority Mayor’s office have formulated a Recovery Plan identifying nine ‘missions’ and invited community groups and businesses to help “reimagine our city as a place with a better long-term future.”

Movement for Recovery London is bringing together local churches, church unity groups, charities and denominations for the common good. From the nine missions identified by the GLA, we will focus initially on the mission responding to Mental Health and Wellbeing. The Christian community already provides pastoral support to many in the city and has a large footprint in local communities, delivering, for example, hundreds of toddler groups, significant elderly care services and food banks across the city.

Working alongside Thrive London and drawing upon other charities, such as Kintsugi Hope, Movement for Recovery London looks to mobilise hundreds of churches and 1000s of ordinary Christian to make an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the capital.

‘Communities across the land have experienced enormous trauma over these past two years. Churches too. Movement for Recovery aims to stimulate exactly that: recovery from trauma. Their focus on mental health and wellbeing – encouraging churches to be a place where that is located – is to be welcomed’

Rev. Phil Barnard, Regional Team Leader, London Baptists

“I am thrilled to be supporting MOVEMENT for REVOVERY London. It’s an opportunity for the Church to work together with the GLA to better serve our communities.”

Rev Les Isaac, OBE

“The Movement for Recovery is working hard on one of the most important Missions of the London Recovery Plan – mental health and wellbeing. As a member of the London Recovery Board, I am delighted to see networks of churches getting involved and praying for our city and its people.”

Fr Luke Miller, Archdeacon of London

“Mental health and well being is one of the biggest challenges facing people today and Churches are well placed to offer support through this initiative.”

Revd George Watt
United Reformed Church Moderator